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Reading the ECU

To read your car's stock file from the ECU you can use Tony's free NefMoto ECU Flashing Software. It is the easiest and best supported method. You will need a cheap flashing cable.

If you already have an aftermarket tune from a commercial tuner, it is likley that they will have disabled the ability to read using this method.

In this case or if something goes wrong and you can no longer connect using NefMoto, you will need to have a Galletto 1260 Flashing Cable to hopefully rescue the ECU in boot mode (a lower level protocol).

Map Editing

To change your ECU tune will require map editing software. Tunerpro is a free map editor. WinOLS is a more expensive map editor. Most non-professionals use TunerPro.

TunerPro will need a definition file (.XDF) for the ECU file you want to edit. This tells TunerPro where the various maps and relevant data are in the file. There are several XDFs posted in the Nefmoto Definition File subforum. Many are works in progress; if you find an error please let the author know.

You will need knowledge of which maps perform what tasks and what data should be changed. Read the tuning guide and the Nefmoto tuning subforum.

File Checksums

Your ECU file has several internal checksums that need to be updated when the file is altered. If these checksums are incorrect the car will not start. Or worse, it may start once or twice and catch the invalid checksum and leave you stranded. A lot of guys carry around a spare known working ECU as insurance.

More info about checksums: Andy Whittaker's site.

MTX-electronics sells an affordable TunerPro plugin that will correct checksums for ME7.

Flashing the ECU

Writing/flashing your tuned file back to the ECU is the same as the reading process above. Again, use the NefMoto ECU Flashing Software.


Keep close track of how your car is performing after each tune revision.

  • Vag-Com to check LTFTs (long term fuel trims) and other things.
  • APR's ECUx. Not really supported anymore.
  • Setzi's ME7Logger - The fastest and most flexible to date.
  • NefMoto (as of has logging support.


The open source VW/Audi ECU community is evolving nicely. Please help give back by providing your feedback and helping others.



  • The tuning guide is an incredible ME7 resource put together mostly by nyet. Check out the other articles on the site.

ME7 Documentation


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