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ECU boot mode is a special diagnostic mode where the chip will boot without loading the higher level KWP2000+ protocol. Boot mode is especially useful for rescuing an ECU that has been "bricked" and can no longer be accessed with the KWP2000+ protocol.

It is not recommended to perform normal flashing in boot mode as it does not clear the "Error is P0601- Internal Control Module - Memory Checksum error." DTC. You MUST use flashing software that uses the VAG programming protocol, such as the Nefmoto flashing software, to clear this code.

How to

You will need the Galletto 1260 Flashing Cable and included software.

  1. If bench flashing, flash your ECU with a good DC power supply set to 13.5V! Don't even bother to flash in your car under it's own battery power. If you have to flash in the car be sure to connect a batter charger!
  2. Open the ECU casing and connect the ECU to the bench harness
  3. You now need to touch PIN 24 on the flash chip (800BB) to ground before turning on your switch/ignition signal. PIN 24 the the 2nd one in from the left side on the bottom. The chip when you're looking at it should have a circle in the top right hand corner (indicating PIN 1). Also the ECU's plugs will be facing to the RIGHT! Once you touch PIN 24 to ground, turn on the ignition switch and remove the ground from PIN 24 about 2-3 seconds later. You are now in BOOT MODE.



Thanks to NOTORIOUSVR for this write up

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