ECU Bench Flashing

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What you need

  • ECU
  • 12v+ DC power supply
  • Flashing cable (Ebay, Galleto, etc)
  • Multimeter
  • Small gator clips
  • Wire
  • Small gauge connectors
  • ECU & OBD harness (optional, but very handy)

Power source

Set up your 12v+ DC power source. Make sure you have constant and stable power! The PS-3KX is nice and inexpensive. An ATX (computer) power supply (12v) is also a popular choice.


The wiring is simple. Power the ECU and power the cable. Then connect one K-line wire between the two.

ECU connections

screenshot20110301at929.png VAG_ME7.x.jpg

Pin 1 Ground
Pin 2 Ground
Pin 3 12v
Pin 21 Immobilizer (if your car has one)
Pin 43 K-line
Pin 62 12v

OBDII cable connections;topic=417.0;attach=554;image OBD2_Pinbelegung.jpg

Pin 4 Ground
Pin 7 K-line
Pin 16 12v

Example Setups

img0581x.jpg img0622j.jpg


More Info

Wiring references

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