Steering Angle Sensor Calibration

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Copied from here for reference: Steering Angle Sensor Calibration is out. This causes all of the above symptoms

So the ABS controller needs to be recoded FIRST (seems that every time a component is removed the ABS codes set back to all 0-s ) and then the new (or used) clock spring needs recalibration- this is the order to get this done ! of course this is done if the alignment is correct , the car tracks straight and all the ABS components are in good working order condition . if you can't connect to the ABS controller to read faults standing still that means your module is bad (and over 20mph the ABS will cut connection with the com port /VAG !) , so the following will not work .

Here are the steps :

1) Key on , start the car move the steering wheel 10* right then left ( about ½ turn each way is enough) then set the steering wheel straight as it would be if driven in straight line ,

2) Go ahead and start driving for about 50feet with the steering wheel in that straight position and keep it that way w/o moving it ( this is all it took me to get this done , others said they had to drive a longer distance - honestly I don't think it's even needed) .

3) Connect with VAG :

Goto 03 -Brakes/ABS Pick (left middle) Login 11 - 09495 - DO IT Recode - Coding:04395 AND Workshop Code - 06435- DO IT.

( the code 09495 is for a B5 , s4 manual trans , h2p brakes : other cars need different codes !!!! See page 20 of this document : )

4) Now it's time to recalibrate the clock spring ( all this time the steering wheel has no moved , if it did , it's ok you start from this step on - just make sure that now the ABS controller window in BAG doesn't list all zeros for SOFT : 00000 coding and SHOP#: WSC 00000, if it does start from step 1). Clear all the codes in the ABS , get out of it (close controller) and get back in it , now the ABS Controller window should read : SOFT CODING 04395 and SHOP# WSC 06435,

[Login - 11] Enter 40168 [Do It!] Now chec what's in this measuring block 001: go to [Basic Settings - 04] Group 001 [Go!]

It should say that the clock spring is calibrated and ok , and NO error messages ! if you have error messages , you have start again from step 4 ( turn off the engine , start it back up , turn the steering ½ turn each side , drive straight 50feet , with the wheel straight the whole time , leave it that way with engine running , carry on the calibration WITHOUT MOVING THE WHEEL ! )

5) Check fault codes and you'll see this : 01486 - System function test activated Now it's time to carry on the test , I had to do this a couple times .. to get all the lights off the dash . ABS light was last . I basically needed to take the car for a drive around , make a few turns , hit the brakes , come to a stop .. and eventually all went away never to come back J

Here are ROSS-Tech instructions to complete the test ( this did NOT work for me ) : Notes

  • The ESP road test serves to check the plausibility of the signals from the lateral acceleration sender, rotation rate sender and pressure sender.
  • It should always be carried out after removing or replacing any parts of the ESP system.
  • It is not possible to cancel the ESP road test after it has been started. The complete test procedure must be performed.


  • ABS/EDS Warning Light (K47) ON and ASR/ESP Indicator Light (K86) ON.
  • Engine RUNNING.
  • Vehicle standing.


  • Press brake pedal firmly until the ASR/ESP Indicator Light (K86) goes OFF. A brake pressure of at least 35 bar needs to be reached for this. (this did not work for me - I had to drive a bit and when I came to stop the ESP light went away , pressing the pedal standing still did nothing )
  • Start road test (Do this on an enclosed site or make sure to drive according to traffic regulations).
  • Make a right turn, then a left turn (or vice versa). A rotation rate (turn rate) of ~10 °/s must be reached while driving these turns.
  • The ABS/EDS Warning Light (K47) should now have turned OFF.
  • A common example for turns like this is driving turns with a radius of 10 to 12 meters (30 to 40 feet) with a speed of 15 to 30 kph (9 to 18 mph).
  • The ABS, EDS, ASR and ESP functions may NOT get activated during these test.
  • Doing other maneuvers between the turns will have no influence on the ESP System Function Test.

After doing all this the ABS light stayed ON and I had to stop the car , upon startup all the lights were back up and apparently the system only wanted to start the self testing again , as it was still looking for some data ..not sure what , but I went for a drive and one by one all lights went away."

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